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Former Shin Bet chief says Bibi needs back channel to Abu Mazen
Avi Dichter, former head of Shin Bet, Israel's internal security service, has been following Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for years.
Foreign Affairs: Will NATO pacify the Middle East?
Abbas’s proposal that the American-led alliance safeguard Israeli-Palestinian peace might not suit its commanders, as they consider their journey over the past 25 years.
Espionage in the Cyber Era
The Edward Snowden affair delivered a serious blow to the NSA. What lessons may be learned? Hannan Gefen, former Commander of IDF Intelligence Unit 8200 in an exclusive article
IDF allows first peek into secret field hospital in Golan Heights
Makeshift facility has treated 700 Syrian patients so far, from children to old men, breaking down stereotypes about ‘the Zionists’ as clashes continue just over the fence
Cyberwarfare: A game-changing issue in the next war
IDF Col. Sharon Afek says Israel must be involved in mapping out the rules of the game.
Special News
2 dead, many injured in brawl between families in Bedouin town
2 men killed, at least 15 more wounded, 1 seriously, in altercation between families in Bedouin town of Kuseife in southern Israel.
Israel's new F-35 'Adir' takes to the skies
The new fighter jets, AS-1 class, herald a new age for the Israel Air Force.
Netanyahu: Claim we were unprepared for Gaza tunnels is 'opposite of the truth'
According to information seen by the Post, the prime minister convened 8 cabinet meetings and ordered the defense establishment to prepare tunnel counter-means.
IDF adapting training to Hezbollah battle doctrine
New military "combat lab" has dissected tactics used by the Lebanese Shi’ite group
Palestinian youth stands with Israel in face of constant threats
'Am Yisrael Chai!'. 17-year-old Palestinian youth unabashed about support for Israel, despite constant threats against him.
Two soldiers wounded in shooting attack in Binyamin region
Terrorist opens fire at military checkpoint in Beit Horon, wounds two and flees the scene.
Police Chief says wave of attacks weren't coordinated
Israel Police Chief Roni Alsheikh seeks to calm fear of coordinated terrorist assault, says rapid succession of attacks not connected.
Nasrallah: Arab states who want relations with Israel will fail
Hezbollah leader connects between Gulf state blacklist and normalizing ties with Israel, says most Arabs still view Israel as an enemy.
Samaria terrorist founded Cairo terror cell
ISA arrests Arab from Kabatiya who went to Egypt so as to study, but ended up recruiting other terrorists to attack Israel.
MK Odeh: Palestinian terror wave 'a good strategy'
Head of Joint List tells Al-Arabiya that terror wave is "most beneficial" to the Palestinian people.
MK to PA official: We denounce terror, what about you?
At EU conference, Zionist Union's Erel Margalit fires back at PA official who calls to expand the BDS movement.
Israel Air Force jets in close call with civilian airliner
Investigation opened into how IAF fighter jets entered Ryanair passenger jet's flight path; airline says there was no danger to passengers.
Ya'alon: There's no place to compare our grief to theirs
Defense Minister echoes police chief in saying there's no comparison between bereaved parents of slain soldiers and families of terrorists.
IDF demolishes two terrorists' homes
IDF forces demolish the homes of two terrorists who carried out attacks against Israelis on November 19.
Yesha Council to demand: Stop the incitement
Yesha Council to protest outside Cabinet meeting and demand that the Israeli government take active steps to stop Palestinian incitement.
Police furious at army chief's 'excessive force' statement
Senior police officers in Jerusalem feel personally attacked after IDF Chief of Staff dismisses danger from terrorists.
Israel '15 years ahead' in cyber warfare capabilities
Senior IDF official says cyber attacks against Israel down overall in 2015 - but many significant threats remain.
Ya'alon: Arabs are developing nuclear weapons
Last year’s controversial Iran nuclear deal has sparked an atomic arms race, claimed Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon following a meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah.
PA calls for international protection after IDF kills three Palestinian teenage assailants
A spokesman for the PA government accused Israel of "deliberately" killing Palestinian teenagers.
Ya'alon taken to task by Saudi prince at Munich Conference
Israeli Defense Minister and former Saudi intelligence chief argue over Israel's alleged contacts with Gulf states.
The IDF pays more than Uncle Sam
The top guns in the U.S. Army may get one more star than their Israeli equivalents, but the IDF officers outstrip them in the salary stakes.
Wanting to destroy another nation does not define a group as a nation.
India-Israel Defense Cooperation
Defense relations between India and Israel are flourishing. 2013 saw a few minor setbacks, but overall the bilateral arms trade between New Delhi and Jerusalem will continue to be strong.