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U.S. Donors Pump Millions Into Israeli Settlements
An investigation published by the liberal daily Haaretz newspaper Monday said U.S. donors have pumped more than 0 million into Jewish West Bank settlements in recent years. The report says the tax-deductible status of the money means the U.S. was "incentivizing" settlements, which Washington opposes and views as an obstacle to peace.
This was a week of victories for women in Israeli politics
The Labor Party and in Habayit Hayehudi both held primaries that sent charismatic female candidates to the upper reaches of their electoral lists; also, what good news did an American strategist give Herzog and Livni?
The U.S. said it “strongly” disagreed with the decision by International Criminal Court prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to begin an inquiry into possible war crimes in the Palestinian territories.
Liberman confident party MKs in corruption case are innocent
Foreign minister slams ‘smear campaign’ against Yisrael Beytenu ahead of March 2015 elections
Israeli and Palestinian leaders know what they need to do to stop a ‘third intifada’
PALESTINIAN LEADERS, as much as their Israeli counterparts, should have no interest in a “third intifada,” or popular uprising, in Jerusalem or the West Bank.
Special News
Minister: Netanyahu will throw Bennett out of government
In an off-the-record interview with Arutz Sheva, a Cabinet minister warned that Education Minister Bennett's jibes come with a high price.
MKs opposed to the disengagement were denied airtime
Former Army Radio commander says that leading up to Gaza evacuation, the plan's opposers were deliberately denied airtime on 'Kol Yisrael'.
Netanyahu: France itself has supported incitement
Opening Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu calls for France to recognize that terror in Israel is same as terror in France.
'If Israel leaves West Bank, PA, Jordan will collapse'
Ex-Defense Minister Ya'alon also accuses Israel's leadership of engaging in "petty politics" and being interested purely in its own political survival.
Tensions rise in Knesset as budget bill looms
Threats, finger-pointing abound as Coalition and Opposition battle out bill for two-year budget on several fronts.
Netanyahu defends much-maligned Foreign Ministry
Netanyahu appeared before the committee in his capacity as Foreign Minister, to respond to a State Comptroller report criticizing the government's public diplomacy and boycott-battling efforts.
Bennett invokes 2014 Gaza war in warning over 'past mistakes'
His comments came in response to Netanyhu's remarks on Monday about claims made by some, including Bennett, that his government was unprepared for the threat of cross-border tunnel raids from Gaza.
Palestinians seeking to sue Britain over 1917 Balfour Declaration
Palestinian Authority urges Arab League to help prepare legal file against UK government over nearly 100-year-old letter.
500 Israelis and Palestinians converge in Tel Aviv to talk peace
Public negotiating congress aims to reach solution.
Palestinian hunger striker sparks widespread protest
48 join in support against administrative detention.
Palestinians call for UNSC action over new Israeli building plans in east Jerusalem
Jerusalem Municipality decides to advance 770 new Jewish homes in its Gilo neighborhood, which is located over the Green Line.
MK Khenin: Statement on Hezbollah was 'poorly written'
MK Dov Khenin, the sole Jewish representative in the Joint List party, on Friday said that his party's statement this week which backed Hezbollah after Gulf States blacklisted it as a terrorist organization was “badly written”.
Netanyahu coalition loses majority in latest poll
Latest poll shows big gains for Yesh Atid, Jewish Home. Likud, Kulanu, and Zionist Union continue to decline.
Abbas to Biden: The 'occupation' is the reason for the violence
Abbas meets visiting Vice President, but fails to condemn terrorist attacks despite earlier criticism by Biden.
Science Minister: Expel terrorists’ families without delay
Ofir Akunis declares more aggressive measures needed to counter cruel, barbaric terror onslaught, Livni calls for restraint.
Israelis dissatisfied with government's handling of terror
A large majority of Israelis feel the government isn't handling the current terror wave properly, a new poll finds.
Poll: Israelis favor right-wing, religious parties
63% of Israeli Jews identify with right-wing/religious parties, only 16% identify with Left; just 30% believe 'settlements' harm Israel.
PM mocks Arab MKs over Hezbollah support
Netanyahu ridicules Joint List MKs over their support for Hezbollah: "Did you fall and hit your heads?"
Zionist Union MK blasts 'dictator' Herzog at faction meeting
MK Erel Margalit attacks Labor chairman for his refusal to hold primaries, as faction meeting turns ugly.
White House appears surprised that Netanyahu canceled visit
White House spokesman says the Americans learned from the media that Netanyahu is canceling his visit.
War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength
The title of this article is a George Orwell quotation from his frightening book 1984. The novel was phenomenally popular from its publication in 1949 and the public were fearful of his predictions.
Analysis: The roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Israeli Arabs are torn on how to relate to the wave of violence by Palestinians against Israeli Jews.