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Why it's not your fault if you're poor
Eldar Shafir, Israeli-born professor of psychology and public affairs at Princeton University, has some revolutionary insights on poverty and how to alleviate it.
Jewish-Arab lovers are getting usual on the screen
No longer taboo, one thing hasn’t changed - it’s almost always Jewish woman/Arab man.
Israel is one of the worst countries for the children
poverty, abuse, obesity, idleness rise, nothing more Over one third of Israeli children live in poverty- a fourfold increase since 1980.
Chabad's 'Mitzvah Tank' brings Hanukkah to Australian Outback Jews
There may be more deadly crocodiles than Jews in the Outback, but that's not stopping Chabad emissaries from reaching out to far-flung Jews.
A Jewish-muslim band gets ready for a concert - and a prayer
Indigo child comes to help Israelis find their path.
Special News
14 runners hospitalized in Tel Aviv marathon
14 require hospitalization, many more need medical treatment, in what is becoming an annual tradition that has already cost two lives.
Education minister presents NIS 22 million ‘cultural basket’ for pupils
Until now, most students attended cultural events that were not subsidized, or saw few shows, according to the Education Ministry.
Leftist filmmaker blasts 'fascist' Israeli government
Udi Aloni, son of late Meretz leader, verbally attacks Israel after his film receives an award in Berlin.
Your children have easier access to drugs than you think
Addictions often start in the home. Kids crush and snort pills for a quick high . Heroin is an Opiod, addictive and dangerous.
Bennett names radical leftist activist as Israel Prize winner
Prof. Shulman, senior activist in radical Ta'ayush whose members admitted to getting Arab land sellers executed, gets prestigious prize.
Peace Now reports less construction in Judea and Samaria in 2015
40 percent fewer homes built in Judea and Samaria in 2015. Judea and Samaria council 'This is an outrageous settlement freeze.'
More stormy weather on the way today
Wednesday is expected to see rain and thunderstorms in the center of the country, the weekend is expected to be dry and hot.
Famed Israeli actor Moshe Ivgy accused of sexual harassment
Six women who formerly worked with Ivgy said that he sexually harassed them, including at least two who had taken polygraph tests that asserted they were telling the truth.
Tel Aviv cleaning ad found pricing workers by race spurs outrage
Israeli journalist Tal Schneider posts photo of pamphlet to Facebook, garnering a slew of comments of disbelief and condemnation of racism.
Israeli film takes top prize at Sundance
'Sand Storm' won the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic.
Zika virus declared a global emergency
WHO, criticized for being asleep at the wheel on Zika like Ebola, snaps into action as Brazil reports 4,000 birth defects and virus spreads.
Man indicted for years of sexual abuse of his younger sister
Just before the suspect’s arrest, he convinced his sister to swallow medication in order to kill herself, telling her that way he wouldn’t go to prison.
Seinfeld: Israelis are 'all or nothing'
Comedian Jerry Seinfeld shares his experiences from his recent comedy tour in Israel.
200 Brazilian academics join the boycott of Israel
Brazilian diplomats and prominent academic figures protest against ‘occupied territories, racist policy and apartheid’.
More Israelis turn to online shopping in 2015
As prices plummet in the online market, Israelis turn to the e-marketplace for their shopping needs.
Holocaust film, 'Son of Saul' wins Golden Globe
The film tells the tale of how a Jewish "Sonderkommando" death camp worker finds a corpse he thinks is his son's and decides to bury him.
Facebook pulls anti-Israel page - after being exposed by NGO
Facebook changes its tune about anti-Israel page launched by Shurat Hadin, said it "made a mistake" by not taking it down.
Poll: 72% of Israelis feel state is corrupt
Overwhelming majority thinks elected officials and judges are corrupt or biased, 92% say you need connections to get things done.
Did YU find a treatment for bladder cancer?
Doctor and student from Stern College for Women win grant for research that may yield a breakthrough in fighting the lethal disease.
Israeli NGO reveals: Facebook discriminates against Israelis
Shurat Hadin investigation finds: Facebook removes only page that incite against Palestinians.
Israel pays out tiny portion of food security budget
Government pledged NIS 60 million to help the poor, yet has only allocated NIS 2 million for nutritional security.
Most Popular Israeli Baby Name Last Year: Mohammed
Leftist newspaper Haaretz reveals statistics report didn't include Arab names.
Should IDF soldiers be allowed to visit kindergartens for army talk?
As Israel prepares to mark Memorial Day, many educators worry about the long-term effects of such events.